• I've been telling you time & time again. I've even had to delete the page because you wouldn't listen. Now It's all messed up. I'm going to have to delete it again. Once I bring it back for the 3rd time, please, leave the editing to me. Canon before fanon, all right, this page is based on an up-&-coming game. Which is why┬áI don't wan't you twisting the story over & over again. It drives me crazy. I have asked you to leave it untouched, but you just could not listen. I'm pretty sure you're just trying to push my buttons. When I created this website, my intention was for it to be my private website. When you twist my information, that's like tricking a child into scribbling crayon all over someone's homework. You'd have to start all over, but you barely know the answers, even though you think you have it all. So, please, don't edit WWE 2K18, or better yet, stay away from this website. Any other wikia you can go on, just not this one.

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